We all know situations like this: When you know afterwards how you could have done it better beforehand. But when it comes to protecting life and limb, we must not rely on second chances!

Better. Life. Protection.

How many Rollistop bollards do I need?

To ensure safe protection against falls, the remaining clearance on the stairs after installing the Rollistop stair fall protection bollards should be a maximum of 60 cm:

Sample calculations

These examples are based on a Rollistop bollard with a diameter of 104 mm:

For stairs up to 1.30 m wide, one bollard is sufficient (130 cm – 10.4 cm = 119.6 cm / 2 = 59.8 cm). For stairs up to 1.80 m wide, you must install two Rollistop bollards (180 cm – 20.8 cm = 159.2 cm / 3 = 53.06 cm width for 3 passages). If the remaining passage width is to be exactly 60 cm, this can be achieved by offsetting the bollards laterally.

Rollistop calculator as download

Use our convenient Rollistop calculator to determine the number of fall protection bollards you need. Enter your staircase dimensions and the desired bollard variant. We provide the calculator as an Excel download available.

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The Rollistop stair safety bollards are characterized not only by their stylish ambience but above all by their ease of use. The fall protection systems with their keyless twist lock are also easy to operate for fire departments and emergency services.

The pole can be unlocked and removed in a matter of seconds – and just as quickly refitted firmly and securely. This feature is repeatedly highlighted by our customers as a key aspect of their enthusiasm for Rollistop bollards.

The Rollistop bollards are easy to attach. Depending on the condition of the floor, use one of the following two installation options:

Mounting variant 1

Installation directly on load-bearing concrete substrate (min. C20/25, h min=12cm)

Mounting variant 2

Installation on floor structure, doweling in load-bearing concrete substrate (min. C20/25, h min=12cm)

You can also download the installation variants described above as a PDF document.