There is no second chance for the protection of life and limb

The everyday lives of people with disabilities are full of situations in which even a little carelessness can lead to an accident. Stairs are a particular danger when moving around in a wheelchair.

With Rollistop , we support you in protecting against falls down stairs and help to create a shared living environment for people with disabilities together with non-disabled people.

Rollistop makes life safer and more comfortable for wheelchair users. An important aspect here is safety in your own home, especially in the stairwell. Stairs pose a considerable risk and accidents caused by falling down stairs can lead to serious injuries. Our solutions offer effective fall protection to prevent such accidents.

Our Rollistop stair fall protection for wheelchair users have already proven their worth many times over, as well as in private households and in retirement homes, nursing homes and geriatric centers. The safety-tested stainless steel bollards are appreciated and recommended by our customers. They are characterized by easy handling, safe protection and their stylish ambience.

The Rollistop bollards are also easy for fire departments and emergency services to operate thanks to their twist lock, which can be locked without a key. The pole can be unlocked and removed in seconds – and reattached just as quickly and securely.

Application examples

Robustness meets elegance: the Rollistop bollards made of stainless steel are exceptionally durable and resistant – even to the elements. This makes them just as suitable for outdoor staircases as for indoor staircases.

Architects and interior designers know that when planning and designing buildings and conversion projects, it is crucial not only to meet aesthetic requirements, but also to ensure safety and accessibility for all user groups, as described in DIN 18040-1 (“Barrier-free building”), for example.

By using our Rollistop bollards in your projects, you ensure that the needs of people with mobility impairments are taken into account in the early planning phase. The Rollistop Stair fall protections fit seamlessly into the design of modern architecture.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

All Rollistop stair fall protection bollards have a height of 1000 mm (1 meter). The poles are available in diameters of 76, 89 or 104 mm. In practical use, the 104 mm version has established itself as the preferred and best-selling model and has become the quasi-standard. The associated bottom plate has dimensions of 200 x 200 x 14 mm for each of the above-mentioned bollards.

Of course! In a commercial environment, it is usually the case that you as a customer or prospective customer cannot simply shop in a web store.
If it is necessary for your internal decision-making and approval processes to first obtain a binding quotation for the required number of Rollistop stair fall protections, you can use the functions on this website for this purpose nevertheless.

Request a Rollistop quote describes how to proceed.

To ensure safe protection against falls, the remaining clearance on the stairs should be a maximum of 55 cm.
Sample calculations to determine the required number of Rollistop fall protection bollards as well as our convenient calculator can be found here.

Yes, the Rollistop bollards are easy to install. Only the screws and plugs that are suitable for the respective substrate need to be procured. A description of the installation variants, depending on the floor type, is included.

Yes, this is possible – but it is very rarely used. The majority of our customers simply use the Rollistop fall protection bollards in the surface-mounted version and order them with beveled edges. The height of the bottom plate for attaching the poles is only 14 mm.
If you want to use the recessed version of the Rollistop bollards, the floor must be milled out (200 x 200 x 14 mm).

The space between the Rollistop bollards can be secured using a stainless steel chain, which is fixed on one side and easily removable on the other. If you have a need for this, please use the function Request a Rollistop quote and add “please offer with stainless steel chain” in the message field.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with information that will help you make your decision. You can reach us either by telephone on +49 56 71 / 25 49 or simply via our contact page.

Rollistop makes the difference

Rollistop supports you in designing modern living concepts, such as intergenerational living, also known as multi-generational living. This housing model, which is often found in families, enables people of different age groups to live together under one roof and support each other in a community. Older people who are dependent on a wheelchair are particularly grateful for the Rollistop Stair fall protection system, which offers additional protection and safety in their home.

Practical tip: The Rollistop wall bracket

Use the customized solution for the safe storage of your Rollistop bollard: the Rollistop wall bracket. This not only provides a fixed place to store your bollard when it is not in use, but also protects the bollard from dirt and scratches. Easily hang the bollard upside down in two sturdy brackets attached to the wall. It remains safely stowed there until you insert it back into the bottom plate on the stairs and lock it in place. For a clean, tidy and safe environment – the Rollistop wall bracket!

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